Case Erectors

Our Case Erector machine, available in two distinct variants, is one of the best and most dependable products from our Pack-Line series. It is one of the machines that are simple to maintain and operate, making it an ideal solution for cost-cutting in terms of manpower.

This reasonably priced Case Erector is loaded with all the adaptability and features needed to handle the applications. Our Pack-Line series Case Erector facilitates all the same benefits as those gained with more expensive models thanks to its high-quality construction and reliability qualities.

Parameters Specifications CEM-114 Specifications CEM-111 Specifications CEM-115
Machine Size
L-2500 mm,W-2050 mm , H – 1450 mm
L- 2400 mm ,W – 1250 mm, H - 1850 mm
1-10 cases/min
1-20 cases/min
1-40 Cases/min
Case Size (mm)
L:250 – 520 , W: 150-380,H:150-380
L:240-510 ,W-190-400,H:120-380
Air Consumption
10 CFM at 5 bar
10 CFM at 5 bar
16 CFM at 5 bar
1.0 kw 1 ph, 230 V, 50 Hz
1.0 kw 1 ph, 230 V, 50 Hz
1.15 kw 1 ph, 230 V, 50 Hz
Note- Available in SS-304 & Customized Size

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