Shrink Wrapping Machine

Our Pack-Line series of Shrink Wrapping Machines are equipped with Automatic Feed, Push, Film Feed, and Seal. With a variety of efficiently packed products such as glass bottles, cans, jars, and pet bottles, time efficiency is top-notch.

SWM-150 with SWT-160 (Right Angle Infeed)
Parameters Specifications SWM-150(Sealer) Specifications SWT-160(Tunnel)
Machine Size
L-1400 mm, W-2200 mm, H-2000 mm
L-2700 mm, W-1000 mm, H-1700 mm
Upto 15 packs/min
Up to 15 packs/min
Pack Size
Air Consumption
3 to 5 CFM at 5 bar
3 kw ,3 ph, 440 V, 50 Hz
16 kw ,3 ph, 440 V, 50 Hz